About Pravachan

Pravachan is a method of explaining the meaning and intrepretation of religious texts. You could call them spritual lectures. That is what our pravachan pundits do. Pravanchan pundits were often well versed in the Sanskrit language and educated and well trained in Veda Sastras and Vedanta. It is easier to listen to some Pandit or Purohit who is conducting a Pravachan to understand some of the scriptures. Basically the Pandit elaborates on the significance of the sloka or scripture he reads and gives several bhavas and angles to look at a single verse.

The pundits spend most of their lifetime learning for giving discourse. The only way to encourage them is to buy their CD's. If you like these Pravachan, kindly purchase their CD whereever is available.

The following are some samples Tamil Pravachan from various pundits.
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01. Paramacharyal (Mahaperiyaval)
02. Anantharama Deekshithar
01. Sandhyavandhanam
02. Kapilopadesam
03. Srimathi Vishaka Hari
01. Pancharathna Keerthana
02. Purandaradasa
04. Shri R Aravamudachariar
Sri Ganapathi Tukkaram Maharaj (ABHANG)
06. T.S Balakrishna Sasthrigal
01. Geethaupadesam
02. SundaraKandam
Srimathi Gowri Rajagopal (Gayathri Mahimai)
08. Thiru Muruga Kripanandha Variyar
01 Murugavel Thiru Avatharam
02 Siva Upadesam
03 Velpetru Vidai Perudhal
04 Veerbahu Thevar Thoodhu
05 Sura Padman Peruvazhvu
06 Deiva Valli Thirumanam
Pulavar Keeran (Thiruvempavai)
10. Sri Hariji
01. Ammbareesh Charitharam
02. Seetha Kalyanam
Suki Sivam (Girivala Mahimai)
Sri Embar Vijayaraghavachariar (Oppiliappan Bhoomidevi Kalyanam)
Trichy Kalyanaraman Pradhosha Mahimai
14. Unknown Artist
01. Oppiliappan Kalyanam
02. Oppiliappan Mahimai

Pravachan is a form of Hindu religious discourse, which are lectures on scriptures. A Pravachana Pandit becomes a religious and spiritual interpreter of these Scriptures. Pravachans are usually on a religious theme, usually the life of a saint or a story from one of India‚Äôs epics. Pravachans sometimes become very emotional.  People who listen to Pravachans have become more tolerant of their brethren, a sense of giving and forgiving has been inculcated in them. Pravachan, Harikatha, Kalakshepa, Upanyasam, Villuppattu are all similar in the sense they are interpretations and story telling on religious theme, yet they have different styles.