About Itihasas

Ramayana Mahabharata Bhagavad Gita

Hindu mythology consists of tales of gods, the devas and the asuras. However, there are only two famous epics for the Hindus. They are The Ramayana and The Mahabarata. The Ramayana and The Mahabharata are the ancient epic poems written in Sanskrit and till date have been a cannon in Hindu religion.

These two classical epics of India are written in ancient Sanskrit and present the most common ideals of human civilization.

The value of truth, the importance of self-sacrifice, etc. that make an able individual are explained in much detail over here. The Indian epics are full of moral teachings and sacred discourses that are relevant in today's life also.

The ancient Sanskrit epics, the Ramayana and Mahabharata, also termed Itihasa or Mahakavya refer to epic poems that form a canon of Hindu scripture.

Bhagavad Gita is part of Mahabhatara and the most important, best-known and most beloved scripture of the Vedic literature eventhough it is not categorized as main epic.